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Health Fusion Celebrates Pride Month As Your Healthy-Beauty Bestie!

In a male-dominated society, the fight for equality among genders and individuals of all sexual orientations has been an uphill battle. This also echoes why some members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer/Questioning, and Asexual (LGBTQIA+) community don’t feel safe coming out for fear of being attacked and mistreated.

And, ever since, the worst struggle of the LGBTQIA+ community has been mockery and discrimination, most especially in a society that oddly frowns on men dressed as women and vice versa, yet normalizes victim blaming and turns a blind eye to incidences of domestic abuse.

It’s distressing to imagine that we live in a world where the only thing people can discuss with an individual who wishes to change their gender is the never-ending debate over religion.

Hence, contrary to societal perception, we should respect that transwomen are women, lesbians are males, gays are women and the list goes on. No one else has the right to tell them how to live their life or treat them differently because of the gender(s) they identify with, as long as they are happy and confident with it.

Thankfully, the LGBTQIA+ community has been able to use the power of social media to speak out against mainstream catcalling, homophobic discrimination, and other forms of harassment. The platform has also been effective in raising awareness about ongoing efforts to address these problems head-on by promoting gender equality programs and campaigns.

Owing to these initiatives, recent years have seen a rise in the visibility of the LGBTQIA+ movement on social media, as the annual PRIDE Month celebration has grown very popular on a worldwide scale. This also proves that despite the continuing struggle to achieve societal acceptance and respect, the community’s efforts are slowly bearing fruit.

Some institutions have started to advocate further for gender inclusivity. Some examples include allowing students to cross-dress, cutting off gender prerequisites on clothing, establishing gender-neutral facilities, and launching youth-led LGBTQIA+ support groups. A lot of Educational institutions have also shifted their curriculum to include classes on gender empowerment, which has also helped led the establishment of successful initiatives for their community.

A positively growing number of companies are also joining in with the celebration by incorporating pride-themed specials on their products. Brands have been curating customized designs for clothes, bags, shoes, and make-up among others. Who could forget food on the list right? Rainbow-themed sweets and treats are on another level too!

Of course, as a proud ally, Health Fusion has something in store for our LGBTQIA+ besties too!

If you want your inner beauty to show through as brightly as your outside beauty, prioritizing your health as you go about your confident life is essential. This is what Beauty Bunny from Health Fusion thinks our fabulous Trans and Gay bestie should know!

Beauty Bunny’s cute gummies’ elevate their flavors to a new level of health and sweetness, and we made sure that maintaining a healthy lifestyle has never been easier once you take it. The 13 essential vitamins and minerals in this supplement are made beneficial for you, bestie, as stress can interfere with the body’s nutrient and hormonal balance.

What do you think you’ll get out of these healthy gummies? It has a lot of biotin, which is good for your hair and helps keep your blood sugar in balance. If you’ve been waiting to finally achieve that long, healthy hair of your dreams, then Beauty Bunny should be your lifetime bestie on the go. Don’t be shy anymore, we are confident that you’re gonna be rockin’ that healthy long hair soon!

Of course, we also believe that in the same way, a healthy glow gives you confidence, it also helps you feel more beautiful! We are happy to share that Beauty Bunny contains Vitamin E to keep your skin bright and supple along with Vitamin C that promotes quicker wound, cut healing, and better immunity.

These gummies are also vegan-friendly, they are made with pectin, a soluble fiber found in fruits that is safe to consume. If you’re on a diet, don’t worry about choosing Beauty Bunny as your ultimate healthy bestie as it guarantees no artificial color, flavor, sweetener, milk, preservatives, gluten, yeast, or wheat used in the product. We know bestie, as much as you are, we are dying to see that curves too! And even without curves too, we love to see your confidence forever!

#YourBeautyBestie deal has also Folic Acid which helps your body with healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen. We made sure you’re still able to breathe out loud when you meet your crushie! #wkyk

Who would have believed that acceptance would be growing in the LGBTQIA+ community even when prejudice still exists right? Even mainstream television has played a significant role in promoting gender inclusivity in some of its programs too—-paving a stepping stone for the successful careers of now-famous LGBTQIA+-led personalities in the industry. Advertisements and magazine covers have recently been taken over by the LGBTQIA+ community too!

It’s, even more, prouder to witness the community being as outspoken and confident in its support for one another as they have ever been before. They’ve been braving the glares of the opposition in order to prove, once and for all, that love knows no limitations, regardless of who you are or what you identify as.

It is also empowering to witness political leaders pushing and championing government laws for gender inclusivity despite controversies and persistent echoes of opposition against what they are fighting for. It was, indeed, a time for a loud and prideful celebration that only a few would have dared to dream of, from decades ago.

Still have a long way to go, but this journey for our PRIDE bestie has been a successful one at this point.

So bestie, don’t forget to tag us when you take your Beauty Bunny ayt?

Happy Pride Bestie!

Beauty Bunny



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