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Better Health for Children Leads to Better Health for All

A parent’s first concern should always be for their child’s well-being. In the words of experts, “no parent could ever make the wrong decision for their child.” So every parent in this circumstance needs to make choices with their child’s health in mind. 

This is why no parents shouldn’t leave their children’s health in the care of internet information without first seeing a doctor or other reliable source. This is a challenge that many parents overlook, especially when purchasing online. 

Ads and fads on the internet may be quite convincing, and it’s easy to forget that you can’t always believe everything you read or see, particularly when it comes to nutritional supplements. This is why it is important to consult a physician and licensed medical professional to ensure your children are getting the recommended vitamin intake.

While we are on it, we consulted with a registered dietitian to get her thoughts on how to best support your child’s wellness. 

She is Samantha Morales, RND, who has been practicing clinical nutrition and weight management as a registered and licensed dietitian and nutritionist since her career began. She was able to help people with a variety of health issues, including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and problems related to weight management and general wellness by providing them with counseling and dietary modifications.

Generally, Samantha would recommend that children should be getting the bulk of vitamins and minerals from the food they eat. However, if the child is unable to eat a wide variety of foods, has malabsorption issues, is on restricted diets (ex. food allergies, celiac disease, phenylketonuria or PKU, etc.), or has other medical conditions that put them at risk of nutrition deficiencies, this is where over the counter supplementation is recommended.

As she explains, a multivitamin supplement is one method to guarantee the kid receives all the nutrients they need simultaneously. Nonetheless, she also suggested that personalizing vitamin supplements could help tailor the type(s), dose (including timing), and quantity(s) of these nutrients to meet what is needed, address medical issues, and prevent mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Even though vitamin supplements are a great way for kids who are finicky eaters to acquire the nutrients they need, persuading them to take one can be a real challenge, especially if they have a strong aversion to the flavor and texture of the tablets. 

Gummy vitamins were created for this very reason—to have youngsters eat their vitamins in a more entertaining and interactive way. 

Inquiring about this recent innovation in vitamin technology, we spoke with RND Sam about the benefits that parents may expect from these gummy bears before investing. 

“Taking vitamins in gummies/candies forms can provide [a] pleasant taste and are easier to take. However, they can contain unnecessary ingredients such as added sugars, artificial flavoring, colorings, and other additives. So, it is best to always read the ingredients list to ensure that you are giving only quality vitamin supplements to your child regardless of its form,” she explained. 

Along with making sure you get suitable vitamins for your children, it’s crucial that you trust the right brand as well. Choosing the right vitamins for your children constitutes making a long-term investment in their health. 

“I have encountered pediatric patients that have swallowing difficulties. So, I suggest giving them chewable forms of vitamins. I educate the mother/caregiver to choose carefully the brand of vitamins they should be buying for the child. I recommend checking the vitamin supplement ingredients label carefully just to ensure that the supplement does not contain artificial fillers and additives, that eventually can end up reducing the nutritional value of the vitamin supplement. In addition, look for vitamin supplements that are produced from whole food sources for better absorption in the body,” she added. 

Health Fusion has always recognized this challenge for parents and has since been changing up the vitamin industry by offering alternatives that kids would enjoy taking. Health Fusion innovates Vitamins in gummy forms, which have been guaranteed with all-natural, gluten- and dairy-free, and vegetarian-friendly ingredients.

As Samantha explains, plant-based and all-natural ingredient vitamins can be more trusted for our children because it has better absorption and bioavailability.

According to her, getting the proper nutrients is crucial for a child’s overall development. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight has many benefits for children beyond just their physical health, including greater stamina, improved self-esteem, improved social skills, and a more positive outlook on life in general. 

“Having a healthier population means a better place to live in,” she added. 

Lastly, she gave helpful guidance for parents who are exploring the best vitamin supplements for their kids:

  1. Read the ingredients carefully. Make sure it has no additives/fillers.
  2. Look for supplements made of real whole food sources.
  3. Buy from a reputable source/manufacturer.
  4. The right dosage may vary depending on individual needs. It’s important to know that taking too much of certain vitamins can also be harmful. You may seek advice regarding your child’s nutritional supplement needs with a registered dietitian.

If you want to consult with Samantha personally, she is presently managing her bed and breakfast farm called Maria’s Table in Alfonso, Cavite where she grows organic vegetables, fruits, conducts cooking workshops and nutrition classes, and host solo/group wellness retreats.

You may reach her through her social media accounts @dietitiansamantha on Facebook and Instagram.

Bed and breakfast farm: @mariastablealfonso 

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