Vitamin C Bundle


◉ Supports the immune system with Vitamin C

◉ 1 gummy has 30mg of Vitamin C

◉ FDA-Certified, GMP & ISO approved

◉ All-Natural, Great tasting flavor and bear shapes –90 gummies in a bottle

◉ Halal, Gluten-Free and Vegan-Friendly

◉ Suitable for ADULTS & KIDS! (as long as kid can chew and swallow the gummies)

◉ NO use of artificial color, flavor or sweetener, milk, preservatives, gluten, yeast and wheat


Each Vitamin C gummy has 30mg of Vitamin C. 2 gummies is like eating 1 whole orange fruit!

Our Vitamin C gummies are known to strengthen the immune system of kids and shorten the days when they have colds and flu. Vitamin C also helps with the metabolism of children.

Each bottle has at least 90 gummies.

Recommended Dosage:

Ages 1-2: 1 gummy a day

Ages 3 and up: 2 gummies a day

Adults: 3-4 gummies a day


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