Beauty Bunny Duo Pouch | 30 Vegan Gummy | Beauty Multivitamins Supplement

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They say beauty comes from within, so get glowy from the inside out!

Infused with natural flavors of blueberry and raspberry, these balanced Beauty Bunny gummies are bursting with 13 vitamins & minerals that is perfect for your daily multivitamin and biotin intake.

Say hello to you new BFF (Beauty Friend Forever!)

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Beauty; how do you define it? Flawless illuminating skin, strong nails, bouncy hair, have you completed the checklist? Get ready, you are about to get more.

BEAUTY BUNNY now in its High Potency Multivitamin form, made with vegan friendly pectin gummies is taking “beauty” up a notch. With 13 essential vitamins and minerals, it’s sure to bridge nutritional and hormonal imbalance caused by stress – define “adulting”, right?! Rich in Biotin for healthy hair, it also helps regulate blood sugar levels. It has Vitamin E, to keep your skin bright and supple giving you that timeless radiance. Contains Vitamin C promoting faster healing from wounds and cuts, also for stronger immunity so you can unleash that #BossBabe energy!

Lastly, the must-have vitamin for women, Folic Acid – making Beauty Bunny a go-to-vitamin even during pregnancy. Whether you’re single or pregnant, indie YOLO or a hot momma, from singlehood to motherhood, your Beauty Best Friend is here to stay. Beauty Bunny – flex that #BossBabe energy!



Biotin, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6 and B12, Iodine, Zinc, Inositol and Choline



💡 Thick, Lustrous, Bouncy hair Biotin and folic acid stimulate keratin production and can increase the rate of hair follicle growth, including growing stronger thicker strands. It is well known for improving hair health, adding volume, enhancing shine, and preventing thinning and reduces premature greying.

💡 Radiant, Illuminating Skin Vitamin C is involved in collagen production, which forms the basis of vibrant skin. Vitamin E also contributes to skin health, which lightens the complexion and brown spots, reduces acne, even outs skin tone and enhances skin radiance.

💡 Strong Nails Biotin and folic acid, which promote healthy cell growth, are shown to lead improvements in nail firmness, hardness and thickness. Goodbye, brittle nails!

💡 Brain Power B complex vitamins, zinc, iodine and inositol keep your nervous system in working order as they protect your brain, improve your memory and help form a defense against cognitive disorders. These can help you better your concentration and keep a positive outlook.

💡 Vitality and Good Mood Made with vitamins and minerals that can help you harness the energy you’re missing and help you get your mood back on a positive track. That’s physical and mental wellness at their finest!

💡 Immunity Vitamin C, D and zinc help combat viruses and bacteria, preventing infections and disease.

💡 Aids in Weight Loss Along with boosting metabolism and lowering cholesterol, biotin can also aid in weight loss.


Chew 1-2 gummies as needed, preferably after a meal in the morning or as directed by a healthcare professional. For ages 18 and above, take 1-2 gummies daily, preferably after a meal.

Precaution: For adult use only. Not intended for children, pregnant and lactating women. Store in a cool, dry place and avoid excessive heat, preferably at room temperature.

Delicious nutrition you can trust!

✅ FDA-Certified, GMP & ISO approved
✅ Halal, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly
✅ All-natural, great tasting flavor
✅ NO use of artificial color, flavor or sweetener, milk, preservatives, gluten, yeast and wheat


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